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Posted by Marketing on October 09 2019 in Glass 

What are the advantages of using textile belts compared with metal conveyor systems?

Technical textile fabrics and belting, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, are being used to process fragile glass articles in the glass industry.  But why have they become so popular for processing delicate glass components and how do they compare with a metal conveyor system? ...
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Posted by Marketing on September 24 2019 in Glass 

Why is there less chance of thermal shock and associated faults with glass products, when using a textile conveyor belt?

When hot, delicate glass or crystal items are formed then loaded on to a metal or wire belt, operating at ambient or close to ambient temperatures, thermal shock can occur. Thermal shock can cause checking, defects and even breakages This can be a real problem...
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Posted by Marketing on September 09 2019 in Glass 

What ongoing maintenance is required for a high temperature textile conveyor belts?

Production teams have little time to deal with supply and/or ongoing material issues when it comes to their conveyor belting arrangements.  Any unforeseen or unplanned maintenance or repair work that is down to faulty or impaired belting materials can immediately slow production down,...
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Posted by Marketing on August 25 2019 in Glass 

How can we be sure that the textile/belt will not mark our glass products?

Working with any new (or different) textile belting or material is bound to cause a degree of concern or doubt.  But that doesn’t mean that a change isn’t worth the effort if new materials can help production staff to improve product quality,...
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Posted by Marketing on August 09 2019 in Glass 

What is the typical lifetime of a textile conveyor belt?

Most production environments require long-life belts.  This alleviates supply issues, minimises replacement costs and is less disruptive to manufacturing routines.  Marathon products are designed to respond to these demands and offer peace of mind. Proven to work, over time Subject to the specific...
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Posted by Marketing on July 26 2019 in Glass 

How can I be sure that Marathon textile materials will work for my conveyor belt?

When you change supplier, or opt to buy new textile belting or materials, we completely understand that some glass/crystal manufacturers will be apprehensive about the product, technical compatibility, the range of services and support provided, and things like costs over time. Marathon Belting is...
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Posted by Marketing on July 11 2019 in Glass 

What thickness, width and belt construction will I require for my conveyor?

It is very difficult to generalise on the typical type (thickness, width, length etc) of belting material generally required for the glass industry given there are so many variable technical requirements and material requirements. The choice of conveyor and/or textile material for use in...
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Posted by Marketing on June 26 2019 in Glass 

What range of textile/belt widths are available?

The technical team at Marathon are aware about the exacting requirements of supplying high temperature textile products and conveyor belts to the glass industry.  That is why they have developed a range of textile materials in various widths and thicknesses, in response to the...
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Posted by Marketing on June 11 2019 in Glass 

What is the minimum order for your textile and belting products?

Factories have their own ideas about what constitutes a fair and reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) when it comes to purchasing textile and belting products. The MOQ can vary when there are specific technical characteristics involved, or when machinery needs to be calibrated to meet...
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Posted by Marketing on May 27 2019 in Gated 1 (Glass) 

What maximum length of belting can you supply?

With so many different and demanding applications within the glass industry, high temperature fabrics are in great demand.  When choosing a supplier, it is important that you work with a business that has the experience, manufacturing capacity and technical credentials to talk you through...
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