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Posted by Marketing on November 08 2019 in Glass 

I do not require such a high temperature belt. How can you help me?

Marathon manufactures and supplies a wide range of technical textile fabrics and belts, which are made from a number of materials, not just high temperature fibres.  If you don’t require a high temperature solution, there are other options to consider.

Have a lower temperature application?

Marathon also manufacture polyester, nylon, cotton, flax and many other types of product for lower temperature applications.

Don’t be seduced into buying cheap materials.  It could prove to be a costly mistake!

We are often informed by customers, that belts made from lower cost materials have been put to them for use in the glass industry. 

Please trial and compare the performance of Marathon’s Triton and PBO belts with these lower cost alternatives prior to making your final decision. 

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Triton belts have been designed to provide a good price vs performance ratio for low to mid temperature applications in the glass industry.

Advanced Triton conveyor belts have been developed to deal with high contact temperatures better than materials made with para-aramid fibres alone. 

Reliability and limited machine stoppages are key for the modern glass plant

Belts made from lightweight fabrics and flimsy cloth constructions are also often seen in the market.  Again, compare fully with Marathon belts, which are manufactured to specifications that guarantee a level of strength and robustness in order that you can create a conveyor built to last over time. 

Conveyor belts made from flimsy and loosely woven fabric are typically not durable and robust enough to last given they typically break at the belt joint or through an accumulation of broken glass on the belt.  Please compare fully with long-lasting Marathon belts before making your final decision.

Want to tap into our knowledge about high temperature performance textiles for the glass industry and what they can do for your business?

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Marathon Belting is a world-class, performance textiles business.  Our technical textile product solutions are used for demanding applications in multiple industries across the world. We are up for a challenge, so if you have one, please contact us by telephone on 01706 657052.

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