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Posted by Marketing on September 09 2019 in Glass 

What ongoing maintenance is required for a high temperature textile conveyor belts?

Production teams have little time to deal with supply and/or ongoing material issues when it comes to their conveyor belting arrangements.  Any unforeseen or unplanned maintenance or repair work that is down to faulty or impaired belting materials can immediately slow production down, causing stress, anxiety and customer issues.

Introducing a thorough maintenance regime that is widely adopted can often alleviate simple problems before they start!

Regular maintenance of high temperature textile belts is recommended

Frequent cleaning and removal of surface carbonisation and dust is always encouraged, as is the removal of broken glass from the immediate process vicinity as any foreign bodies or unnecessary contamination can impair the performance of your belt.

It’s always a good idea to check installation, tension and tracking as part of a regular maintenance regime – to make sure that the belt is not over-tensioned, alongside a status review of the lacing/jointing components.

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Check tensioning after a shutdown period

Should a conveyor be unused during a shutdown period, or over a weekend perhaps, it is often good practice to release most of the tension on the belt.  The flexing produced whilst a belt is running under tension, tends to overcome the shrinkage forces, but when stationary, the force takes effect largely unopposed and this can lead to joint failure. 

On start-up, the belt is unlikely to return to its exact ‘stretched’ position immediately so some adjustment may be needed to the tensioning system.

All aramid, Triton and PBO textile materials should be wrapped and covered in dark-coloured, light resistant packaging whilst in storage.

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