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Posted by AWebber on January 27 2021 in News 

UltiMat™ 1562

The UltiMat™ 1562 is one of our superior products from our range of press pad solutions.

With its patented collapsible weft, the UltiMat™ 1562 was designed with both furniture and floorboard manufacture in mind, for use in more modern short cycle presses.

As one of our thinner press pads (1.9mm) the 1562 offers a faster and more even heat transfer due to the innovative design of the collapsible weft, incorporating 3 stainless steel wires.
During operation, when pressure is applied, the collapsible weft flattens and the thinner coated, less ridged, silicone casing, delivers an even surface contact heat transfer. 

With ‘No Memory Effect’ our UltiMat™ range makes the format change of boards possible.  A recent Case Study in 2020 found one customer achieved over 500,000 presses from just one set of pads.

To find out more about our range of UltiMat™ pads and current availability, please contact sales on 01706 657052.

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