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Posted by Marketing on August 09 2019 in Glass 

What is the typical lifetime of a textile conveyor belt?

Most production environments require long-life belts.  This alleviates supply issues, minimises replacement costs and is less disruptive to manufacturing routines.  Marathon products are designed to respond to these demands and offer peace of mind.

Proven to work, over time

Subject to the specific application, a textile conveyor belt can last from 1-4 years, but some Marathon belts have been known to be in use beyond 7 years!

The life of a belt can vary widely based on how arduous the application is, the process temperature it is subjected to, the type of products being processed, the amount of broken glass in the vicinity of the textile belt, and the level of maintenance and installation techniques involved.

With a proven track record, Marathon provides a reliable source for high temperature belting and textile contact parts.

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With a complete understanding of the glass processing industry, how products are manufactured, and how high temperature textile solutions can be applied to different and demanding applications, Marathon is a supply partner that production staff can rely on. 

“We supply a wide range of competitively-priced high temperature materials for the glass processing industry. Marathon always sees a new project through the eyes of its customers,” said Marathon Belting.  “That really is the difference between just being a supplier and being a trusted partner that works alongside production staff to find high temperature textile solutions that keep on working.”

Want to tap into our knowledge about high temperature performance textiles for the glass industry and what they can do for your business?

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Marathon Belting is a world-class, performance textiles business.  Our technical textile product solutions are used for demanding applications in multiple industries across the world. We are up for a challenge, so if you have one, please contact us by telephone on 01706 657052.

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