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Posted by Marketing on July 26 2019 in Glass 

How can I be sure that Marathon textile materials will work for my conveyor belt?

When you change supplier, or opt to buy new textile belting or materials, we completely understand that some glass/crystal manufacturers will be apprehensive about the product, technical compatibility, the range of services and support provided, and things like costs over time.

Marathon Belting is one business known to provide value for money and complete technical surety that its products will work - improving quality, speeding up production processes, minimising marked items and spoils, and providing a much longer belt life.

Proven over many years, in various high temperature markets


Marathon Triton and PBO products are proven and well-established in various high temperature markets and a number of applications.  This is evidence enough of their superior performance, and proof that Marathon textile belting and wear pad materials are durable and made to last!

From low and mid temperature capable materials, up to high performance PBO conveyor belts, Marathon provides a range of textile solutions for many applications in the Glass Industry.

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Special terms for trial periods

Marathon Belting is open to discussion with regard to special terms and conditions for the initial trial period, so you can familiarise yourself (and your staff), with our high temperature textile products.  All that we ask in return is that you give us a detailed performance report for our technical department to analyse.

It comes down to confidence in our performance

Marathon has every confidence that its products will work in any demanding glass processing application.  Why?  Because we have been in the business for 4 decades and have vast experience of designing, making and supplying high temperature textiles and seeing them deliver for our customers.

We will work with you to develop a high temperature textile solution that maximises product quality, makes your production process much slicker and more efficient, that is competitively priced and readily available - making your job just a little bit easier.

Want to tap into our knowledge about high temperature performance textiles for the glass industry and what they can do for your business?


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Marathon Belting is a world-class, performance textiles business.  Our technical textile product solutions are used for demanding applications in multiple industries across the world. We are up for a challenge, so if you have one, please contact us by telephone on 01706 657052.

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