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Posted by Marketing on August 25 2019 in Glass 

How can we be sure that the textile/belt will not mark our glass products?

Working with any new (or different) textile belting or material is bound to cause a degree of concern or doubt.  But that doesn’t mean that a change isn’t worth the effort if new materials can help production staff to improve product quality, reduce the incidence of rejects and generally have the surety that belting is not going to leave marks and weave impressions on the glass products being produced.

Marathon’s woven textile offer a softer contact surface but are also highly durable

High temperature technical textile fabrics, including tapes, belts and sleeves, are designed specifically for the glass industry and respond to the need for exacting quality and product consistency.

Marathon fabrics are highly durable and proven to perform over extended periods without any marking or product checking even in the most extreme of temperatures.  Why?  Textile belts are designed with a softer contact surface in comparison to steel/metal belts.

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Low risk of thermal shock, leading to reduced level of damaged glass products and checking

The use of high performance textile belts are often preferred due to the fact that, compared with metal belts, there is a resistance to thermal shock, which reduces the incidence of checking. There is also less marking of the glass on contact; pre-heating of the belt using gas burners is also eliminated, whilst providing superior temperature resistance (600-650°C).

Marathon’s high temperature textile belts – a perfect fit for the glass industry

Marathon textile conveyor belting is used for the conveying of glass/crystal tableware and other delicate glassware across the world.

Want to tap into our knowledge about high temperature performance textiles for the glass industry and what they can do for your business?

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Marathon Belting is a world-class, performance textiles business.  Our technical textile product solutions are used for demanding applications in multiple industries across the world. We are up for a challenge, so if you have one, please contact us by telephone on 01706 657052.

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