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As an industry leading textiles business, we have completed some really exciting and challenging projects. Read about them here – and what our customers think.

Posted by Marketing on February 09 2018 in News Press Pads 

“What do I need to know about press pads?”

If you work in a busy production environment, you will appreciate that any weak link in the manufacturing process can result in quality issues, leading to product rejects, failed deliveries, lost productivity, etc.  That’s why it’s important when producing laminated boards, such...
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Posted by Marketing on September 21 2017 in News 


Marathon Belting Ltd is pleased to announce that following the recent quality audit, recommendation will be made to grant certification to the new standard ISO9001:2015. This is the new British and European standard based on risk-based thinking within the quality management principles of customer focus,...
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Posted by Marketing on September 21 2017 in News 


Marathon Belting Ltd is pleased to announce that they have a new Quality, Health & Safety Management system. The popular electronic quality management system, Q-Pulse eliminates bureaucracy and automates and streamlines our business processes for standards and regulatory compliance, safety management and risk management. For...
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Posted by Marketing on July 17 2017 in News 

Welcome to our new website

As the industry’s leading performance textile business, we aspire to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation, and that involves finding ways of giving our customers a bit more.  We have always been committed to developing our online presence, to serve not...
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Posted by Marketing on July 16 2017 in News 

Abrasion and Cut Resistant Textiles - Film

We are pleased to announce that you can now watch our brand new short animated film, to discover why Triple A Plus™ sling protection sleeves offer a performance that is unrivalled by any other protection sleeve. The demand for high tenacity textile slings continues to...
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Posted by Marketing on July 14 2017 in News 

Responding to our customers

As a multi-award winning UK-based business, we approach each and every challenge with the utmost commitment and enthusiasm.  Our new website is one example where we’ve applied our enthusiasm for customer service, to create a new website that is ready to meet their...
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Posted by Marketing on July 10 2017 in News 

Advanced Product Testing - Triple A Plus™

Synthetic sling failure caused by cut or abrasion can result in high value products being damaged, shipments incurring costly delays and in extreme cases personal injury and death. The Triple A Plus™ sling protection sleeve made with Dyneema® fibre and manufactured by Marathon, the Worlds...
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Posted by Marketing on June 27 2017 in News 

The No1 Performance Textiles Blog

Our new Marathon website features our news blog section - which we’re delighted to welcome you to now.  This part of the website has been created to answer common questions that our customers and those in the performance textiles industry want answered; and...
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Posted by Marketing on May 31 2017 in News 

How to protect textile slings?

What is the ultimate protection sleeve for textile slings?  This is a question we get asked a lot and the answer is Marathon’s Triple A Plus™ protection sleeve that provides enhanced resistance to all forms of cut and abrasion.  We know what...
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