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Posted by Marketing on October 19 2018 in News Press Pads 

“Do you supply a press pad for deep structure applications?”

The answer is yes.  We can produce high performance press pads that are designed with additional compensation in mind, with an ability to absorb pressure for deep structure applications.

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Unique silicone technology provides superior compensation properties

All of our pressure compensating mats are used across the laminate board industry and designed with robust performance in mind.

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Other key features and benefits include:

1. Superior performance and strength given an innovative silicone technology design

2. Flexibility in lengths, thickness and weights available

3. Extended life of press pad

4. Keeps on performing even under extreme pressure

5. Enjoys superior compensation abilities without loss of heat transfer

6. Use of a modified silicone elastomer (UltiMat™) has a greater resistance to volatiles emanating from the lamination process

7. Bespoke/high-end applications catered for

8. Improvement in the number of press cycles achieved

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