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Posted by Marketing on November 02 2018 in News Press Pads 

“Do you have to bed the pads in before use?”

Optimising press pad life and usability

One of the most important procedures for optimizing press pad life is to remember to install them without over-tensioning.

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“How many cycles are required before applying extra tension to the press pad?”

We recommend that the press pads be used for at least 500 cycles (at full format size) before applying additional tension to the press pad. 

Over-tensioning could result in tearing and/or reducing the press pad life and usability, therefore, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions provided.

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Full guidance provided with each delivery

We provide multilingual instructions with each order of press pads dispatched in order that Marathon customers across the globe fully understand how to use our products and secure the best possible performance.

Our technical team is on hand to provide guidance in the event of any queries or problems.

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