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Posted by Marketing on August 10 2018 in News Press Pads 

“Which industries do you currently supply your press pads to?”

Marathon was formed in the UK in 1976, to fill a small niche as a woven conveyor belt manufacturer.

Since the early days, our market research, development and innovation has taken us into the field of specialized performance textiles for wide-ranging industrial applications, including pressure compensating pads.

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“What about here and now?”

Amongst other products, we are now manufacturers of pressure compensating pads, which are used in the production of laminated products, including high pressure and low pressure decorative laminates, plywood, laminate flooring, veneer panels and special products to meet customer specifications. 

There are many applications for pressure compensation media throughout industry.

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Marathon’s press pads are robust and designed to perform

The construction and design of Marathon press pads incorporates innovative silicone technology.  This allows for the production of multiple board formats and robust performance flexibility.

1. Superior performance and strength due to optimised construction and the innovative silicone technology design

2. Flexibility in lengths, thickness and weights available

3. Extended life of press pad in use

4. Keeps on performing even under extreme pressure

5. Enjoys superior compensation abilities without loss of heat transfer

6. The use of a modified silicone elastomer (UltiMat™) has a greater resistance to volatiles emanating from the lamination process

7. Bespoke/high-end applications catered for

8. Improvement in the number of press cycles achieved

Want to know how our range of press pads can improve your laminate plant efficiency and save costs over time?  We are looking forward to your call.

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