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Posted by Marketing on July 27 2018 in News Press Pads 

“What lifetime can your press pads achieve?”

“Are Marathon’s pressure compensating mats up to the job?”

A press pad typically reaches the end of its life when it loses its compensation ability as the silicone finally gives up its attempt to return to its original configuration after repeated compression cycling. The number of expected cycles varies considerably given the density and consistency of the substrate being pressed.

Continuous production of one size of particleboard has been known to give in excess of 500,000 pressings before the pad has to be discarded.  On the other hand, production of MDF floorboards can yield as few as 20,000 pressings before loss of compensation.

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What is a reasonable figure?

Typical expectations for floorboards in a modern press would be up to 80,000 > pressings, and for particleboard/ furniture board production 150,000-200,000 > pressings.

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Wide variations occur in this field – this is a guide

There are wide variations to these figures that are often affected by operating conditions of the press, and the variable acceptance of finished product quality standards. 

No guarantees, therefore, can generally be given with regard to the number of cycles achieved. Want to know more about our range of press pads?  We look forward to your call.

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