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Posted by Marketing on July 13 2018 in News Press Pads 

“What is the fulcrum effect?”

The fulcrum effect occurs during the lamination process and can be a real problem for manufacturers. 

When a board is being pressed (in a laminate press), the caul plate is larger in width and length than the board being pressed. This creates a margin of unsupported caul plate – this simultaneously receives pressure from the press platens transmitted through the press mats. 

Because there is no support in the margin area, the caul plate has a tendency to bend using the edges of the board as a ‘fulcrum’.

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Defective board problems can delay production runs

This effect causes defects on the board because of the abnormally high pressure along the ‘fulcrum’ and the resulting lower pressure that occurs within 5cm of the edge of the board, due to the bending of the caul plate.

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White spots can be a real problem

This causes a phenomenon known as ‘white spot’ where the board has received insufficient pressure to complete the process satisfactorily.

It is therefore advantageous to produce press pads with minimal thickness, and/or reinforced areas and edges, as long as there is no reduction in the compensation ability of the mat.

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