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Posted by Marketing on February 07 2019 in Glass Gated 2 (Glass) 

We use Aramid belts in our production process, how can you convince me to change?

We are aware that many plant managers use standard aramid belts in their production environments and are more than happy with it.

We want to open your eyes to another textile product that could save you money, time and eradicate unwanted inefficiency!

We try to see things through the eyes of our customers, and,  therefore feel confident about convincing you to use a high temperature textile, to help save you money (over time), based not just on the initial outlay of the material, but also on the cost of energy you use, production stoppages, maintenance issues and your glass product yield and output.

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Whilst we understand that aramid belts are generally fine for low to mid temperature applications in the glass industry, higher temperature applications >400°C, will benefit from the use of Marathon’s Triton and PBO product range. These provide significant benefits and have been proven to save costs over time.

PBO belting can be more expensive at the outset, but products have proven to have an extended lifetime in very arduous conditions and need less maintenance and repairs due to their superior technical properties, resulting in a reduction in plant downtime and belt replacement costs.  Many customers come back and purchase Marathon PBO belts time and time again due to the overall cost saving benefits over time.

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