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As an industry leading textiles business, we have completed some really exciting and challenging projects. Read about them here – and what our customers think.

Posted by Marketing on February 07 2019 in Glass Gated 2 (Glass) 

We don’t use PBO conveyor belts in our processes, why now?

If you are interested in a different conveying solution than metal belts, wish to improve safety and the working environment in your glass plant whilst also reducing energy costs, please contact us.

Not 100% happy with your existing conveyor belting and perhaps open to change?

It probably follows that you are already using a textile conveyor belt.  But if you’re not 100% happy with the results it is achieving, the product quality it secures, or the level of downtime due to a short belt lifetime, Marathon wants to hear from you.

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We are committed to providing products that delight our customers and save them real money over the long-term.  Our products are designed to exceed expectations and are built to last.  Conveyor belting by Marathon - Proven, reliable products that you can trust

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Want to speak to one of our sales people so you can find out more?  Our technical support team looks forward to hearing from you. 

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Marathon Belting is a world-class, performance textiles business.  Our technical textile product solutions are used for demanding applications in multiple industries across the world. We are up for a challenge, so if you have one, please contact us by telephone on 01706 657052

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