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Posted by Marketing on February 07 2019 in Glass Gated 2 (Glass) 

PBO textiles and belts appear to be very expensive, are they?

Customers keep on using PBO belts time and time again.  Why is that?  It’s because they trust in their performance given it has never let them down!

Optimum cost v lifetime performance

PBO conveyor belts give the optimum cost versus lifetime performance, based not only on how long the belt lasts, but also the reduced level of plant stoppages and equipment maintenance necessary.  We think that increased product output quickly makes the initial cost of a PBO belt insignificance!

PBO is not an expensive material when you consider the efficiencies, cost savings and performance surety you are gaining by using it

Marathon PBO belts are well received as an optimum solution in most glass plants running delicate glass items from the press.  Why is that?

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PBO not only has a higher temperature resistance compared with other materials, but it retains its strength over time in high temperature conditions. 

It also self-extinguishes flames very well indeed, is a cut resistant material, durable, abrasion resistant and, therefore,  extremely resilient over time.

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