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Posted by Marketing on April 20 2018 in News Press Pads 

“Do you offer press pads with reinforced areas/edges?”

Pressure compensating pads come in a variety of different specifications. 

It is important to understand how certain design features of press pads can affect the quality of the laminate products that you produce.

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A range of solutions – designed around you

Marathon provides several press pad solutions to suit specific applications.   

Reinforcement can avoid problems such as ‘white spots’

A reinforced pad may be required if the platens on the press are not parallel, or they are pressing a dense product, causing the press plates to flex (or bend) at the outer edges, causing ‘white spots’. 


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White spots can occur along the edge of the product where the board has received insufficient pressure to complete the laminate process satisfactorily.  Special engineered press pads by Marathon have been particularly successful in dealing with this problem.

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