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Posted by Marketing on February 07 2019 in Gated 1 (Glass) 

At what temperatures can PBO textile/belt products be used?

PBO yarn has a temperature resistance well in excess of that of aramid yarns and will not start to decompose until an air temperature of 650°C is reached.

Our experience is that, subject to application, PBO should perform well in the temperature range 550-600°C.

High temperature fabrics are a great fit for the glass industry

We have seen some aramid belts in use at operating temperatures in excess of the maximum operating temperature advised for such materials, but the difference with PBO materials is that it may carbonise to a lesser extent at temperatures >500°C, resulting in reduced downtime required for cleaning down of the conveyor belts.

The increased temperature resistance and strength retention of PBO after thermal treatment often leads to an extended life of the transport belt, which leads to a reduction in belt replacement, installation and repairs, reduced downtime and increased production yields. 

These factors often result in a reduced overall cost, which is why many customers come back for PBO belts time and time again

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What about cut resistance?

Where delicate glass articles are being produced, there is often a build up of broken glass in the area close to the conveyor belt.  Glass can become embedded in the belts and the constant movement of the belt around the pulleys can sometimes cause the glass to cut and damage the transport belt. 

PBO has an inherent level of cut resistance compared with other fibres, making it ideal for all but the most arduous applications. 

Want to find out more about the practical, technical and performance characteristics of working with PBO high temperature textile products and conveyor belting?

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