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Posted by Marketing on April 12 2019 in Glass 

How do we join the conveyor belt material?

Joining conveyor belts can be a difficult task.  We can help.  Please provide details of the Marathon product and your application and we will endeavour to suggest the correct belt lace for the application.

Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s guide book/ask for help if you’re not sure

Joining conveyor belts has to be done with great precision if you are to avoid costly mistakes, product failures and unnecessary downtime.

It always pays to read the belt lace manufacturer’s guidebook thoroughly before undertaking any installation. 

Marathon Belting conveyor belts are typically provided in roll form, with or without metal lacing joint components. 

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If required, we can supply one end of the belt with the metal jointing component already attached, and a second lacing component included with the shipment for installation on site.  Please request this at time of order placement, if required.

Marathon Belting metal splice fastenings have been chosen for their durability, robustness and reduced level of glass contact.

“What if we need an endless belt?”

In some circumstances, endless belts are required and these can be supplied with metal lacings or special textile sewn joints.

Want to tap into our knowledge about high temperature performance textiles for the glass industry and what they can do for your business?

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