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Posted by Marketing on March 13 2019 in Glass 

Do your high temperature products contain asbestos?

Many people are aware of the health and safety implications of using asbestos materials.  Marathon high temperature textile materials do not contain asbestos.

High temperature textiles have come a long way in recent years

Aramid fabrics are often seen as the ideal substrate for high temperature conveyor belts due to their inherent resistance to temperature and inherent durability, however, Marathon have developed the capability to manufacture and supply higher performing materials in either Triton or PBO.

Triton is made from a blend of aramid and PAN carbon fibres and will withstand temperatures of 450°C.  Aramid fibres alone can start to deteriorate >400°C and hot glass contact can lead to severe carbonisation and weakening of the belt over time.  Triton belts, however, are more resistant to hot glass contact, leading to increased lifetime of the belt in use.

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PBO materials can withstand temperatures in the region of 600°C. This material is extremely strong, durable and flame resistant and has an inherent resistance to cutting, making it ideal for higher temperature applications and where there is a great deal of broken glass on or near to the conveyor belt.

Marathon Belting products DO NOT contain asbestos

Until quite recently, asbestos was present in many high temperature materials and fabrics, including insulation and other tapes, belts and sleeves.  Exceptionally hazardous to human health, asbestos is now widely discouraged.  Marathon’s Triton and PBO products are often referred to as asbestos substitutes.

Marathon Belting is pleased to confirm that our high temperature textile products for the Glass Industry are free from asbestos.  Safety data sheets are available on request. 

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